Cast Iron is a pipe for Drains, which as far as Axis Mundi know came about in the fourteenth century and is still about today. To keep Cast Iron Drains in circulation it is still on sale with some manufactures. If your home was built after the 1970’s then there is a good chance you have no Cast Iron Drain pipe unless there is a specific reason for this. The most likely place you are going to see Cast Iron Drains outwith Edinburgh’s Traditional architecture is in the commercial Plumbing industry, schools and large mansions, which are old. With the Drains on the outside of the house, you can find a lot of Cast Iron used for soil stacks as long as they have not been replaced within the last 40 years. Axis Mundi answer the most asked question when it comes to Cast Iron pipes.

Yes. Axis Mundi recommends specialist sized fittings are often required to achieve this. You must replace any cut out sections of a Drain stack that has Cast Iron remaining above with Cast Iron as the weight can crush plastic. For correct installation practises Contact Us.

Cast Iron Drain pipe can be found to be very expensive, which is due to the amount made in quantity in this country. As this is no longer essential in day to day life there is limited competition in the supply market. The average fitting today will cost you about £12 to £40 each and £25 per meter of Cast Iron pipe.

Buying Cast Iron Drain pipe is not as easy as it use to be 50 years or more ago, but if you understand the type of place you can buy this from, then you could call around. Try to find the best information for who is selling this product at the time. If you are searching online then maybe you could look up ‘Local Drainage Supplier’ or give the Axis Mundi team a call to help point you in the right direction.