The smell of sewage in your home is difficult to miss, so this is often one of the first symptoms you’ll notice. Smelling sewage around your Drains or in your home may indicate damage somewhere along the pipe. It could also be a sign of a blockage. However, if you have the blockage removed and the smell continues, you could have a collapsed Drain.

If your property suffers from regular blockages, or worse still, backups of sewage, there’s a good chance a collapsed Drain is the culprit.

If your Drains are seriously damaged, the flow of water through your property will be disturbed, resulting in wastewater creating damp patches or mould on localised parts of your walls.

Slow drains are one of the first signs of a drain blockage. However, if the Drains remain slow even after they’ve been cleaned, the likelihood is there’s a more serious problem. A CCTV survey will be able to show whether the Drain has been damaged in any way.

Our high pressure water jets can remove blockages from your sewers in minutes. They deliver a powerful water jet to remove obstructions and debris without doing any damage to the Drain walls.

Axis Mundi use specialist CCTV equipment to inspect the sewer and diagnose the cause of the blockage quickly. We then remove the blockage in the most cost-effective way and use CCTV to check that all other obstacles have been cleared.

Root intrusion is one of the leading causes of blocked and damaged sewers. As part of the Axis Mundi Drain Unblocking service, we use a rotary mechanical cleaning device to remove tree roots and other obstructions that cannot otherwise be moved.