Axis Mundi highly recommend fitting a Central Heating magnetic filter installation on every Heating Systems. This is a small magnetic component which can be retrofitted to most Heating Systems – it traps rust particulates, dirt, debris and sludge which can accumulate in untreated Heating Systems and cause blockages. The filter catching these particles as the Central Heating water is pumped around the system preventing them entering the Boiler. This filter is cleaned with every annual Boiler  service carried out by Axis Mundi technicians.

If your Central Heating System has been under performing, your radiators are taking longer to warm up, or you are noticing cold spots on them your Heating Systems may benefit from a power flush. Our technicians are Fernox trained power flush experts. Contact Us to discuss your system and solutions.edinburgh combi boiler fitters

At Axis Mundi we cover all your household and commercial heating requirements. From basic radiator replacement and pipe repairs to a full Combi Boiler and central Heating System  upgrades. Let our fully accredited technicians guide you through the process with ease and understanding.