A| Not normally, no. However, depending on your requirements we can make alternative arrangements. Over the years Axis Plumbers have come to trust certain manufacturers above others. We use quality products and reliable suppliers in which we can provide such lengthy guarantees. You’ll always benefit from our supplier discounts and access to extended warranties unavailable in the open market place. So as you can see - there really isn’t any benefit to sourcing and supplying your own materials!

A| Poor water flow, blockages and cold spots can all cause a Central Heating system to take longer to warm up, and it will also have to work harder to keep your home warm and at a constant temperature. The harder it has to work, the more fuel it will consume and the more money it will cost to maintain. After power flushing your central heating system, your system will become much more efficient, and require less energy and fuel to keep a constant temperature in your home.

A| An Axis Emergency Plumber will usually attend within 90 minutes (depending on job location). Don’t want to wait in all day? When booking your appointment our Axis customer service agent will offer you either an AM or PM time slot. You will receive an email or text message or phone call with the engineers estimated arrival time.

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